Android Studio – Android RatingBar Basics With Example

In this tutorial we will learn How to use RatingBar in Android Using Android Studio.

Generally we use RatingBar  when we want to allow the user to rate some product or action.

So lets create a project.

Step 1  – Create new Android project

Step 2 – Add a RatingBar  in the main activity. Also Add a button and TextView to the main activity as shown in the picture below.

RatingBar Example design
RatingBar Example design



Now run your app


Android RatingBar Basics With Example OUTPUT
Android RatingBar Basics With Example OUTPUT

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  • edo

    I had created a RSS Reader android app that contain a news headline, and i want to add some category of news like (Sport, Techno,etc) but i don’t know how to make it. can you please make an android tutorial about RSS reader that show a news headline(or whatever it is) based on the category. Like if i click Sport Category the app will show the news headline about Sport.

    *Sorry for bad english 🙁 I hope you get what I mean