How to Fix Bluetooth Device Not Working on Windows 11

In this blog post, I will give a detailed view of fixing your Bluetooth device on your Windows 11 Operating System. There are a few different ways available and I will explain them one by one.

1. For the first method, click on the search icon and search for services. Click on the services app. 

2. Once the app opens, you need to select all the Bluetooth-related services. After selecting the service, right-click on it and click on properties.

3. If the startup type is manual, then change it to automatic. If the service status is stopped, you need to start it. Then, click on Apply. And click on ok. You need to do the same for other services. Once the service starts running, you need to restart your Windows 11 Operating System and check if everything is working or not. 

4. For the second method, click on the search icon and search for troubleshoot settings. Click on the search result. 

5. Once that window opens, click on the other trouble-shooter’s option. 

6. It will show all the troubleshoot services. Click the run button on the Bluetooth troubleshooter. 

7. It will start to detect the problems. It will give you the status. If your trouble-shooter finds any Bluetooth-related problems, it will solve or suggest you the solution. 

8. For the third method, right-click on the windows icon and click on device manager. 

9. Once the device manager window opens, expand the Bluetooth option. Under that, you will be able to see all the drivers. You have to go through each and every drive. Click on the first drive. Right-click and click on properties. 

10. Click on the driver tab. From here, you can update the driver. Click on the update driver option.

11. In this window, I am going to choose the first option. 

12. If it says the best driver has been already installed, then it is fine. If it says your driver is old, then Windows 11 will try to update that driver by searching it on the internet. 

13. If the problem is still not solved, then search this driver on the internet and upload it manually. For this, you need to once again right-click on the driver and click on properties. This time you should choose the second option. Here, you should select the location. 

14. You can also pick the list of available drivers on your computer. If you see multiple drivers in that list, select them one by one and click on next. And then update your driver. If the problem is not solved, then go to the next driver in that list. You need to do the same for all the drivers. 

These are the steps for fixing the Bluetooth device in your Windows 11 Operating System. 

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