How to Check Which Graphics Card You Have on Windows 11

In this blog post, I will give a detailed view of finding the graphics card on your Windows 11 Operating System. There are a few different ways available by which we can check the graphics card. We will see them one by one.

1. For the first method, right-click on your Microsoft icon and click on Device Manager

2. In the device manager, click on Display adapters. It will show the list of all the graphics cards that you have on your Windows 11 Operating System.

3. For the second method, once again right-click on the Windows icon and click on Task Manager

4. You can also search for task manager in the search bar

5. In the top area, click on Performance. Scroll down and under GPU, you will be able to see one GPU or multiple GPUs. You will be able to see the graphics card information. Here, I have two graphics cards so it shows 2 GPUs. 

6. For the third method, right-click on your Windows icon and click on Run.

7. In the Run window, you need to type dxdiag and click on Ok

8. It will open a window where it will display all the system information. 

9. In the top area, you need to click on Display. In the third row, it will display the graphics card that you have on your Windows 11 Operating System.

10. When you click on Render, it will display the other graphics card that you have. It will show that if your computer supports render graphics cards.

11. For the last method, you need to right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Display settings

12. Scroll down and click on Advanced display

13. Here, you can select the display number if you have multiple display screens. Then you need to click on the option called Display adaptor properties for Display 1

14. It will open a window where you can see the adaptor type and it will display the type of graphics card for your Windows 11 Operating System. 

These are the steps for finding the graphics card that you have on your Windows 11 Operating System. You can follow any one of the mentioned methods above to find them. 

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