Linux man page – cat command

cat command is used to concatenate or displays the contents of a file.
To use it, type cat, and then press enter key

The text indicates what we typed to cat

İf you type this row and then press enter

To display the contents of a file, type

To see linux commands press Tab key,
If you want to learn commands beginning with c you can write c then press Tab key

Display and concatenate files.

Will read from STDIN and print to STDOT every line you enter.

Will concatenate all files in one and print them to STDOUT

Will take whatever you type from STDIN and will put it into the file filename
To exit cat or cat > filename type Ctrl+D to indicate EOF (End of File). To end many unix command, type end-of-file command (EOF) [hold down the key labeled “Ctrl” and press “d” (Ctrl+d) ]


Linux Cat Command Man Page


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