How To Install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04

In this post we will see how to install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04.Here we will be looking at step by step process to install Nginx :

1.First open your terminal and update the repository using command : $ sudo apt update

After entering your password your update will be done .

2.After you are done with update ,now you can run the command : $ sudo apt install nginx

3.After complete of your installation you will see something like this :

4.So now we can check the status of nginx service using command : $ sudo systemctl status nginx .

5.Now you will be able to see something like this :

6.In the above command we can replace status with start and stop to start and stop the nginx service.
start Nginx : $ sudo systemctl start nginx
stop Nginx : $ sudo systemctl stop nginx

7.After you start your nginx , when the Active status is running as shown in the above pic ; you can go to localhost ( in your favourite browser.Here you will be able to see :

In this way we can install and start nginx .

8.if you want to check the nginx configuration files , type command : $ cd /etc/nginx  . After you go into /etc/nginx ; now you can see all files by typing command : $ ls

In this way , following these steps you will be able to install nginx and use it .

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