Find a File in Linux using Command Line

In this post we will see how to find a file using command line in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Basic Command to do this : find path -name filename

1.We can use find command to find a file . To find a file with exact name : $ find ~/Desktop -name media .This command will find the exact media.
Like the way shown in below image :

2.Now to anything related to media , you can add askterisk with the command to do this .Command : $ find ~/Desktop -name media* .Now it will show all files containing media as shown in the below pic :

3.To make the command case insensitive you need to use iname instead of name . Command : $ find ~/Desktop -iname media* .

4.if you need to find exe file with your file name , command to do so : $ find ~/Desktop -iname media*.exe

5.Advance find command :
a)find files in last 7 days : $ find path -mtime -7

b)find files in last 8 minutes : $find path -mmin -8

c)find files in last 20 days with above 5MB : $find path -mtime 25 -size +5M

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