C hello world program

c programming
c programming

Writing C Hello world Programs

  • A programmer uses a text editor to create or modify files containing C code.
  • Code is also known as source code.
  • A file containing source code is called a source file.
  • After a C source file has been created, the programmer must invoke the C compiler before the program can be executed (run).
#include <stdio.h>

/* The simplest C Program */

int main(int argc, char **argv)

  printf("Hello World\n");

  return 0;



Hello World

  • The main() function is always where your program starts running.
  • #include inserts another file. “.h” files are called “header” files. They contain stuff needed to interface to libraries and code in other “.c” files.
  • This is a comment. The compiler ignores this.
  • Blocks of code (“lexical scopes”) are marked by { … }
  • Print out a message. ‘\n’ means “new line”.
  • Return ‘0’ from this function

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