Arduino Tutorial for Beginners – LED Matrix With Arduino

In this post on Arduino Tutorial For Beginners, this topic about how to use LED MATRIX (8×8) to display anything we want, LED MATRIX (8×8) mean it has 8 rows (positive or negative pins) and 8 columns (positive or negative pins), totally 16 pins, respectively. The video above and this article will introduce you how to use it, how to create some basic alphabet and numbers, we can apply this way to create abundantly icons, symbols, characters,… Look at the picture below to know what is LED MATRIX(8×8).

Next picture below is the diagram circuit inside LED MATRIX (8×8). Normally, there are two types of LED MATRIX, CODE-N and CODE-M type as the picture shown and it has significantly difference between rows and columns.

Keep in mind this if you don’t want to burn your circuit, CODE-N type has the negative pins are connected to COLUMNS and the positive pins are connected to ROWS, it’s opposite for the CODE-M type. To identify, we will connect one pin (COL) of LED MATRIX to VCC (3v3 with resistor) and one pin(ROW) to GND. By this way, you will see your led is turn on or not to reverse the connection. THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT CODE-M TYPE.

Besides that, the rows and columns aren’t sorted from 1->16, it means the pins don’t arrange from R1->R8 and C1->C8. Look at the last picture for pins definition.

Okay, now look at the CODE-M type, we will show you how LED MATRIX works. We can turn led on one by one row from the TOP to the BOTTOM or turn on led in the opposite side, however we can turn led on one by one column from the LEFT to RIGHT or turn on led in the opposite side, and we will put the minimum delay time between each time we turn on or without delay time. By this way, with our eyes led matrix will display full led. Look at the picture below.


The picture above show how to display a character on LED MATRIX one by one step, the picture below illustrates the connection between Arduino and LED MATRIX, besides that there are some COL and ROW pins respectively. (NOTICE, maybe your pins are different from my pins).


ENJOY TIME, Copy and paste code in this url: LED MATRIX CODE

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