Arduino Tutorial for Beginners – Introduction to Arduino

In this post on Arduino Tutorial For Beginners, i will introduce you some Arduino basic concept in order to know
+ What is Arduino?
+ What can Arduino can do?
+ Why and Who can use it?

  • First, the picture below is the Arduino UNO kit, there are three types of Arduino kit for Starter (Micro,Nano,Uno) but Uno kit is very popular for the newbie. Two other types are also operating as the Uno below.

Arduino Uno Kit

As the picture, the Arduino has a microcontroller on it. This microcontroller is belong to AVR series, that is ATMEGA328P (I will talk about pins, chip and some devices on board in next article).

  • Second, we can use Arduino board to get data signals from sensors, motors  and the other objects. Moreover it can link with peripheral devices such as usb, keyboard, camera, GPS ,.. or Arduino Shield below.


Arduino Shields


  • Third, Arduino is an extremely easy programming kit, supported by a huge community around the world. Therefore, we won’t have any trouble when programming with Arduino. All big and small projects have detailed instructions, libraries, source code, it’s pretty easily and clearly,.. on the Internet. We can search everything about Arduino on the Internet.

In summary, Arduino is quite a small board but extremely powerful development kit that can be used to practice, study or develop many useful projects for people. Beside that, it’s very difficult being stuck when use Arduino to creative with a huge support community around the world. Arduino is suitable for all ages, engineer who non-electronics knowledge or ladies and the old, especial is for kid. It’s very interesting right?. We can find and buy Arduino kit easily everywhere.

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