Android Tutorial – Android UI Overview

All UI components in an Android application are manufactured utilizing View and ViewGroup objects. A View is an article that draws something on the screen that the client can collaborate with. A ViewGroup is an article that holds other View (and ViewGroup) objects with a specific end goal to characterize the design of the interface.

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Android gives a gathering of both View and ViewGroup subclasses that offer you regular info controls, (for example, catches and message fields) and different design models, (for example, a direct or relative format).

Android Screen UI Components

Amid runtime, you stack the XML UI in the onCreate() occasion handler in your Activity class, utilizing the setContentView() technique for the Activity class:



Types of views:

    • TextView, ImageView, Button…
    • ListView, GridView
    • Recycler View
    • ViewPager

Here’s the layout component activity_album_list.xml that I had written.


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