Scala Hello World

In this Scala Tutorial, you will learn How to write your first Scala Hello World application by creating your first project and then running it.

Object is a class but it already has an instance, so you can not call new ObjectName. The object keyword creates a new singleton type, which is like a class that only has a single named instance. An object has exactly one instance (you can not call new MyObject).
You can have multiple instances of a class. Object serves the same (and some additional) purposes as the static methods and fields in Java.


  • Save on a file named HelloWorld.scala
  • Compile with scalac HelloWorld.scala (or from your IDE)
  • Run with scala HelloWorld (or from your IDE)
  • Generate documentation with scaladoc HelloWorld.scala
  • The above code creates a singleton object
  • Everything in the object is like Java’s static
  • Scala doesn’t have static
  • Scala does have classes; we’ll get to those later

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