How to install Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Linux)

I this post we will see How to install and setup Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04. Vagrant is an open-source software for building and maintaining portable virtual software development environments. Vagrant is an application which enables us in building consistent development environments with ease using Vagrantfile.

I order to set up vagrant environment on your Ubuntu operating system will need to install Virtual Box . So let us see what steps we need to follow in order to get up and running with vagrant.
Step 1 – Install VirtualBox.

Step 2 – Install Vagrant.

Step 3 – Verify Vagrant version
once vagrant is installed on Ubuntu operating system, we can verify it by following command:

And if you see the following response then vagrant is install perfectly on your system.

Setup Ubuntu 16.04 to be used with Vagrant and Virtualbox

Step 4 Install Ubuntu Box
We can find Vagrant Boxes on the Vagrant Cloud. ubuntu/trusty64 is one of the most popular box (machine), which has nearly 30 million installs. So we will install this box.


Run the following command in your terminal.


Now initialize the vagrant box using the following command.


Finally run the following command to start your box.


Now connect to you newly created machine via ssh using following command

if the above command works fine then you will see the following output:

If the vagrant ssh command does not work then use the following command to know your ssh config

And use the following ssh command to connect via ssh


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