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You are apparently somehow stumbled upon the language C ++. I will here shed light on why it is wise or unwise to choose this language, and vorallending I will explain what everything is with this language theoretically possible.
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What is C ++?

C ++ is a programming language that was developed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is a so-called compiler language . That is, the code is in the so-called machine code translated (from ones and zeros composed). We know that as a .exe file .

C and C ++ / differences

C ++ is not C! However, C ++ is an extension of C. Almost everything in C was possible, also works in C ++. C ++ provides the following enhancements as compared to C.

– C ++ is object-oriented
– simple memory management during runtime
– Operator Overloading

What C ++ can do?

In short: everything! C ++ can be very fast. This is because even the fact that a C ++ compiler language is, but also that you can use pointers in C ++, to jump in the virtual memory.
Larger Games projects are mostly written in C ++ why. But operating systems are almost all written in C. (And C ++ is, as stated just an extension) Each project can therefore be implemented with C ++.

C ++ Benefits

– Speed (just incredibly fast) Basic: Compiler language pointer. But note: A program is fast only if the programmer also programmed sense.
– Memory usage! It has been with C ++ the opportunity “claim” (easier than in C) runtime memory, the one needs, but also to release again, if you do not need him anymore. It has thus theoretically keep the possibility the program at run time in memory pretty small.
– Abstraction (Object Oriented Programming) You can disconnect certain parts of the program through classes and objects beautiful. When times arise errors in the program, you can usually then narrow down to which objects or classes is the problem. It simply brings overview, and the search for errors often does not take as long.

C ++ Disadvantages

– If you have mastered pointer not as good and it moves in the wrong virtual memory that can have serious consequences.
– The programming effort is usually much greater than in other languages. Especially graphic applications are often much more complex.


So if you want to develop programs that are powerful, and you want to have much control over memory consumption, C ++ is the right solution. Keywords:. Complex games, other high-speed applications that are system level

if you want to quickly come to visible results and speed of the programs does not matter, it is advisable to resort to a different language.

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